Church and Technology

I’m writing this during the government mandated isolation period of COVID19. I first had the challenge at work to setup many employees for Work-From-Home access. Challenging, but not impossible.

Next was the discussion on how to we run ‘church’ now that we can’t go to the church building. We have become so used to the thinking that we need to go somewhere to be the church. But Jesus never envisioned the Church to be a building.

Matthew 18:20 For where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I among them.

You see, the physical building is not important because it’s the people who make the Church. We may have become used to a familiar setup or a way of doing things. We may have our own seat in the pew. But if that gets in our way of worshiping and remembering our Saviour, that’s wrong.

At our church, we decided to try out video conferencing for our remembrance service using Zoom this past week. Two of us held testing sessions on Saturday so we wouldn’t have to do tech support during the service.

It worked out so well! It was amazing to have such an informal time with our Church family sharing and remembering our Saviour when we couldn’t physical meet.

Technology is one of those things that can be used for good or bad. It’s how you use it. During the COVID19 isolation period that is nearly worldwide, we need to find ways to connect and not allow members of our Church families to be forgotten. Each of us has this responsibility. A phone call, email, text, web conference call; all free ways to connect when we can’t meet physically.

Go ahead, contact someone today and spread encouragement. You will be encouraged as well.

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