Church life: What is different with online Church

Last night we held our second collective prayer time using Zoom. As I watched the screen and each person pray, it made me realize that this is the Church!

We’ve been separated for almost a month due to COVID19. Our church (along with so many others) have had to resort to online services. It was been amazing watching each adapt and it was run quite smoothly. I am very impressed with the seniors. Some still dress up for the Sunday service 🙂

Even though I’ve heard the remark that ‘it’s the people who are the Church, not the building’, it wasn’t until last night that I realized this to be very true. Yes, we are restricted in where we meet but not how. I’ve heard of many Christians in ultra-restricted countries who have to meet in homes. They don’t have the technical abilities that we have in North America. Or can’t use them.

Technology can be a blessing or a curse. It’s how it’s used. I’ve now seen churches and schools conduct virtual services and classes. No one wants to be alone. Seeing someone’s face and being able to interact, even on a screen, can be uplifting.

But what is different with ‘online Church’?

From my experience? People talk to others who they may not in person. Right now, everyone is desperate for human contact. We’ve been isolated from so many for a while and it does affect us.

But it shows us as well, that the building isn’t the Church. Yes, we like to meet ‘at the church’. We call ourselves ‘the church at (insert name/address, etc). With online services, this is going to show us what the Church really is. It’s the people. It’s not the building.

Go, connect with someone from your local church. Phone call or video chat. It’ll make their day (and yours).

PS: you’ll notice that I change spelling between church and Church. The lower case church refers to the local gathering. The capital Church refers to all Christians in Christ’s Church.

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