Easter Cancelled? Never!

You may have heard that Easter is cancelled due to COVID19 because groups over 5 (or whatever number in your area) aren’t allowed.

Sure, certain Easter celebrations are cancelled, but that doesn’t mean that as individuals we can’t celebrate.

What are you celebrating this Easter?

Let’s go back and continue from yesterday’s post.

Jesus has celebrated the Passover with his disciples in the upper room. Judas has left them and gotten the soldiers and priests to come and arrest Jesus. He knows that Jesus regularly goes to the Garden of Gethsemane. Judas brings the mob there. You can read this in John 18.

Here’s an interesting point that I like.

John 18:4 
Then Jesus, knowing all that would happen to him, came forward and said to them, “Whom do you seek?”

How many of us, when we know of something bad that will happen to us, or will be uncomfortable, try to get away from it? To hold it off as long as possible? Not Jesus. No, He knew everything that was about to happen to Him. He knew that He was walking up to Judas to be arrested. He knew that the trial wouldn’t be a fair one. He knew how they would treat Him. He knew he would be sentenced to death, execution on a cross. He knew all this and still went up to them.

For you and for me.

But He also knew that on the cross, God would turn His back on Him. God the Father, who had been in a constant relationship with God the Son, would forsake Him. Because of sin.

My sin.

Your sin.

This is what we, as Christians, celebrate. Each week, each Easter. We celebrate the death and resurrection of Jesus at Calvary for our sin.

Our traditional celebrations may be cancelled, but our celebration of what Jesus did for us can never be taken away from us. Never!

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