Draw closer to God

Last week I saw a meme on Facebook that said this: If you don’t come out of the isolation/quarantine with new knowledge, a new side job or a new skill, it’s not that you don’t lack time: it’s that you lack discipline.

That is very true. Before the government regulated isolation, we went about our ‘normal’ life. Most would agree that we all wanted more time to do things but never seemed to have enough. I felt that way too. I always seemed to have unfinished projects.

As I’ve been reading blogs and books over the last month, many point to the blessing of having to be isolated in that we now have more time to focus on family, many are calling family and friends. Some, like myself, are trying out new skills.

But this also gives us more time to connect with God. I find that I have more time for reading my Bible, Christian authors, Christian blogs.

At the end of March, I found a challenge: writing out verses each day. Not typing, hand writing. It’s a new way to focus, not only on those verses, but the context and the verses on the same page.

I have more time with my four year old daughter. She has been asking some rather mature questions about God, Jesus, and Easter – what it all means. I can now take what I know and have learned and share it with her and educate her.

The kids club that I’m apart of as a leader at my church runs through to the end of April. We haven’t been able to meet since the second week of March so I’ve been making YouTube video messages for them.

During all of these new outlets, I have been drawing closer to God. I have had more time to meditate. Reading through social media and the news on COVID starts to get really depressing and has forced me to look to God for strength. And he’s spoken to me (see the article on Isaiah 33:6 and soon Jeremiah 10:2).

We are isolated from gathering with others but we can never be isolated from God. We can search for him anytime. How about now?

What is or has drawn you closer to God in the past and during the isolation?

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